WillMaker  Plus

WillMaker Plus

Have you ever wondered about estate planning but were turned off by the concept? Without proper planning, loved ones will incur excess legal costs, time and taxes. These are the consequences of going to probate. Probate is the process in which survivors work with the legal system to divide up the remaining assets. It is always best to have a Living Trust. Avoid probate with a Living Trust and your assets will be passed directly to your family without the government and lawyers taking their cut. Your survivors may be so distraught that they may never see a dime. They may not want to go through the legal process and give up and forget about it.

Avoid having to go to probate, have a Living Trust set up in your honor. Keep the government and the lawyers out of your pocket and pass assets directly to your loved ones. Purchase WillMaker Plus, America’s number one estate planning tool. With WillMaker Plus create a Living Trust so your estate is handled in the desired manner. WillMaker Plus offers the following benefits.

  1. An estate plan designed with directed health care, and power of attorney.
  2. Save as you go software allows you to complete the docucments at your own pace.
  3. An FAQ is included to address your concerns.
  4. An amazing and helpful team of lawyers are there to confirm the documents conform to the laws of your state.
  5. Name your executor and leave your property and assests to your intended recipents.
  6. Avoid probate expenses with a living trust.
  7. Leave a letter to your surviors.
  8. Plan for your funeral and final arrangements.

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