SEO for Dummies – Get Noticed

SEO for Dummies – Get Noticed

You finally got your blog online. You researched your topic thoroughly, you have solid points, it is written with the utmost eloquence and you are ready to convey your innermost secrets to the world. Then, you look at your Google stats and realize that the only IP address that is viewing the content is your mom. This is a common problem for many new to blogging. There is a whole area of study dedicated to just this problem. It is called SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. To get page views you need to rank high on the Google and Bing search index. Listed below are the rules that search engines follow to rank pages. Anyone new to blogging will need to know the following SEO rules to better rank pages.

1.Submit your sitemap to Google and Bing
The first thing you should do after creating your blog and publishing it is to let search engines know that your site exists. You will have to submit what is called a sitemap to both Google and Bing. Basically you are telling search engines, here I am, please add me to your search index. To do this, open a browser, copy and past the following lines with your site URL.

2. Hire someone to do your SEO?
You can hire someone to do your SEO. However, many claim to be SEO experts but not all are true virtuosos. Some use techniques to plant high-ranked keywords into your page to force traffic. These people are known as black-hats. They use techniques to fool search engines to improve ranking. On the contrary, there are others known a white-hats that adhere to ethical practices and standards using the correct methods to improve SEO. Black-hat techniques can lead to Google banning your site for life and your business could go bankrupt. Thus, it is good to consult with the person that you are trusting with this great responsibility, or you can do it yourself by following these techniques.

3. The following practices are likely to cause your ranking to fall

  • Creating pages with keywords that are off-topic for the site.
  • Using auto-content scripts that pull news stories from cnn. This is one way to bleed your ranking.
  • Creating pages with little or no word-count.
  • Using unethical tactics linking nefarious traffic to your site.
  • Copying someone else’s page.

4. To improve page ranking follow these guidelines 

  • Write unique content. Google and Bing love unique content and they will reward it accordingly.
  • Use a few relevant keywords. 1 to 3 is recommended. Adding all the top Google keywords could get you banned.
  • Create pages with high-word count.
  • Pages should load quickly.
  • Trusted links from other pages to your site are rewarded. These are called backlinks.
  • Page titles and headings should be releveant to the topic discussed.
  • Search engines are looking for an overall good user experience.

5. Sign up for Google and Bing webmaster tools

  • Search Google or Bing webmaster tools.
  • You will be asked to add property; your blog URL.
  • Next, you will be required to verify that you are the owner of the property.
  • Place the meta tag into the header.php file in WordPress.
  • Add the meta tag to the <head> section.
  • Then use the verification tool to confirm ownership.

Signing up for the webmaster tools will allow you to view stats, see errors and access other useful tools. Go start blogging and tell the world how you feel. Follow these best practices to help get your message to the masses. Hopefully, the next time you check your Google stats, there will be a few extra IP addresses added and not just your moms.

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