How to Move your WordPress Content to a New Domain

How to Move your WordPress Content to a New Domain

You purchased a new domain name that aligns with your vision. The plan is to migrate your blog over to the new domain. Everything is unicorns and rainbows, then, you realize that you have a lot of content. You could hire a developer or spend hours trying to figure out how to copy it manually. However, if your site is a standard Worpress template moving the content should be painless. I have listed the steps below to transport your blog content from one domain to another.

1. Do not uninstall your old domain blog until your new domain is up and running correctly.

2. Backup up your existing domain.

3. Update all of your WordPress plugins on your old domain. You do not want to run the risk of having different versions of plugins when you import the content later. Plugins > Update All

4. Go to Appearance > Widgets > take a screenshot of all your Widgets.

5. Install WordPress on your new domain.

6. Install the same WordPress theme on your new domain.

7. Setup Widgets in the same way they are setup on your old domain.

8. On  the new domain or brand new WordPress install, go to pages and delete all the default pages. You do not want to run into duplicates later.

9. Go to posts on your new domain and delete all existing default posts on your new domain.

10. Install the same plugins on your new domain as on your old domain.

11. On your old domain go to Tools > Export > and save the mycontent.xml file to your Desktop.

12. Go to your new domain and select Tools > Import > import in your saved xml file > there are different options available when importing make sure you are importing a WordPress XML file format.

13. At times some images will not import correctly. Thus, it is best to keep both domains up and running so that you can eyeball both WordPress installs to make sure the content copied properly.

12. Test out your new domain name and when you are ready to go live, login to your hosting provider and set a permanent redirect called a 301 in your DNS settings. This will redirect your old domain traffic to your new domain.

Let me know if this was helpful. Thanks until next time, take care.

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